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Women can find themselves under constant pressure to look a certain way. This is definitely a struggle that their male counterparts can’t relate to to the same extent. We can find ourselves constantly bombarded by images of women who are perceived to be perfect. This is made all the more confusing by the fact that the image of the ‘perfect woman’ changes with time, and across cultures. The general idea though, remains the same. Only a couple of years ago, the perfect female body was thought to be skinny. Every woman out there aspired to be as small, petite and delicate as she could be. However, the recent perception of the female body has changed greatly. Expecting every woman to be skinny was an expectation that was not just irrational, but also unhealthy. This very expectation led to so many women across the globe aspiring to be as tiny as they could get, and the only way they could get this way was obviously by starving themselves. This led to a drastic increase in the number of eating disorders being reported all over the world, as women tried to reach a weight and body type which was grossly unhealthy.  

This increase in eating disorders and the way in which even young girls started perceiving themselves is one of the biggest contributors to the body positivity movement. This movement aspires to let all women embrace their bodies as they are. This means that now, skinny is out and curvy is back in. This has led to so many women wanting to look healthy and natural and curvy, and has led to women embracing their natural body shape. The women that we see featured on magazine covers and in movies and songs are ones with healthy, full curves. This is the body shape which is seen as the real shape of femininity, and this has led to so many women out there feeling comfortable in their own skin, being who they are without ever having to think of going on crazy diets to get to a stick thin shape.   

However, for some reason or another some of us can be lacking this naturally full shape. A woman’s breasts are a huge part of her curves and due to some reasons they can be either naturally lacking or can have changed shape over time. Breasts can end up losing their shape after breast feeding, or after drastic weight loss. In addition to this, some people can naturally have low body fat which will obviously lead to their breasts being smaller in size. Certain diseases, such as breast cancer can also end up impacting the shape of the breast tissue, as it may have to be removed in many cases. Furthermore, there are many women out there who have issues with the symmetry of their breasts, and not the size. For all of these women, breast augmentation Gold Coast can be a great option.  

Being unhappy with the shape of our body can be one of the worst feelings ever, and with breasts being so central to a woman’s body, having them in perfect shape is something that every woman wants. Breast augmentation Gold Coast can help reshape breasts which have either always been small or asymmetrical, or have lost their shape due to illness or age or post-breastfeeding. Breast augmentation can help reshape asymmetrical breasts so that they look just right, and can help add volume to smaller breasts, or to those breasts which have lost shape over time. This can be great for those women who have lost their shape as it can make them feel beautiful and young once again. 

Of course, just as with every other surgery, it is important to choose surgeons with proper experience, and surgeons whom we can trust. Esteem Medi Spa is a clinic which can provide us with the surgeons that we can trust. With technology such as Vectra 3D imaging, and with implants being inserted keeping in mind our needs and best interests, we can be sure that we will be coming out looking and feeling better than ever. These internationally acclaimed surgeons can have you rocking beautiful, healthy full curves.  


Posted on December 16, 2018 in Medical Services

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