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Owning a 4×4 can be a great joy at times. There’s nothing like pulling out of the driveway, hearing the engine roar and scaring a few people in the bargain by the sheer size of your vehicle. By no means is the Hilux a small car, it makes its presence known on the road. Just driving down the highway you realize that you are in something completely different. You tower over the other cars on the road. You can literally lean over from your window and look into the puny cars next to you and observe what the other drivers are doing. Don’t do that though, it’s kind of creepy…
Other than that we know that that the Hilux is a real power house of a machine. It’s capable of some serious torque and power when you’re sitting behind the wheel. Put your foot down and you can feel the 3 litre engine really push you back into your seat and bolt down the road like a bat out of hell.  Just putting your foot down and plowing down the road can be a joy which very few people can really experience.

The only way you can experience this is if you have a good balance between your accelerator and clutch. If you don’t have the necessary HD clutch for the vehicle, then don’t expect much of anything previously mentioned. Mantic clutch is a great place to go ahead and get some clutches for you vehicle. Regardless of the make and model of the car, you can be sure that they will have the clutches for whatever car you have and whatever the cars needs may be. Whatever it is that you need for you clutch related issues, all you have to do is go ahead and place the order.

The Hilux has forever been one of those cars which has been used in rally racing. In places like Pakistan they have constantly been winning the desert rallies. They are widely used in the Middle East as well for this off road purposes, they are taken into the sand dunes as not many other cars can really tackle the loose sand the way they do. The 4×4 of the Toyota land cruiser and Hilux is virtually unbeatable when it comes to off road terrain, you throw in a Toyota hilux hd clutch kit and man there’s really nothing to stop a power house like that. Defy the laws of gravity and climb those slopes.

In some parts of the world, the Hilux is used as the go the car for escorts of high profile personnel and motorcades. They are fast enough to catch up/ out run a lot of normal cars on the road and the have the versatility which you would want out of a car which is meant to be a robust part of the motorcade. Sure there are tonnes of other cars out there, but how many of them give of the menace the way this one does. Push cars out of the way with the greatest of ease, it’s like they aren’t even there!

In instances like this, it’s great to have one of the Toyota hilux HD clutch systems as it works wonders when you have to put your foot down. Safety considerations first, the Hilux can drive over pavements and get out of harm’s way if need be. Just one move and they’re gone.

Other than that, if for any reason your car happens to break down, it can really be a hassle which is hard to deal with. Not only does it take its toll on your schedule but also on your wallet, as you have to commute by public transportation some days and may even have to take some days off due to the fact that you just can’t make it because your car failed you on the way. They’re, meant to be reliable but all machines can have their bad days sometimes.

If the time has comes and your clutch plates have finally given up on you then maybe you should head on over to their website and order on of the heavy duty clutch kits for yourself in order to get the car back on the road as soon as possible.

We hope that your car is running the best it can, If not we wish you would go ahead and check out some of the clutches offered by the company.

Posted on November 25, 2018 in Auto Services

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