Why Is A Steel Security Door The Perfect Choice? 

Door materials 

When buying doors for your home or office, you are often stuck with the confusing of picking the material for the door. While wood is usually the choice in the case of homes, the decision gets tough when it’s any other building, such as your office or your warehouse. These places require certain features in the door such as strength and security and a plan wooden door can’t do the job. Therefore, to save you from confusion in that situation, following is a brief introduction of various materials that are used for doors.  


The metal doors are an affordable option when looking for doors for your storage units. They are durable and tough. The only protection they need is from water which can be dealt with through a layer of paint. Other than that, they can take fair amount of bumps and can last a long time.  


Wood doors are the first choice when choosing doors for the indoor of your home. They come in a variety of designs and shapes so you have plenty of options to choose from. They are polished for a sophisticated look. The wide range of designs makes them ideal for home usage.  


Fiberglass doors are used for main doors of houses. They are chemical resistant and extremely durable. They require little to no maintenance and provide the necessary strength for the main gate of the house.  


The steel is the popular choice for commercial buildings. Due to the chemically inert nature and the strength it offers, steel is often used in security doors. They are tough and require little maintenance. The stainless steel not only provides durability and strength, but also a sophisticated look to your office.  

Advantages of picking steel for security door 

While you may come across different materials for your security doors, especially aluminum and fiberglass, steel has an upper hand when it comes to security doors. This is due to number of properties steel offers that are prerequisite for security doors. Following are some of the features why steel makes the perfect choice for security door. 


Steel offers the required strength for a security door. It provides protection against any burglary attempt which makes it a hard challenge for the thief.  

Fire protection 

Steel doors are often made using galvanised steel which makes these doors fire-resistant. This means steel security doors not only protect you from thefts and robberies, but also from fire. They last longer in case of a fire and also prevent spreading of the fire.  


Due to its nature, steel offers insulation in the winters. This means, with your door closed most of the time, you can easily maintain the temperature indoor without burdening your HVAC system. This results in significant reduction in energy bills. 


Steel doors use stainless steel which makes them safe from any rust. They require little maintenance so you can easily install them in your office without worrying about their maintenance needs.  

Sophisticated look 

Steel doors come in a variety of designs so these doors even work well for your home where the look of the door holds great significance. The stainless steel gives a sophisticated look to your entrance with added security for your home.  

Budget for a Steel Security Door 

One great advantage of steel security doors is that, they do not cost much. A typical single steel door costs around $500, which might feel a little too much in the beginning, but if you consider the benefits it offers in the long run, it totally makes it a wise choice. Often people incline towards metal or wooden doors for the lower upfront cost, but it’s a common mistake to neglect the maintenance charges. Moreover, a steel security door lasts much longer than other doors.

Some helpful tips before buying 

When buying steel security door for your home or office, it is important that you consider the following tips to save yourself from any regrets later on. 

  • Buy from registered companies only 
  • Perform a market survey of the regional price 
  • Ask the supplier about installation charges 
  • Consult guidance on getting the right size of door for your building 
  • Ask about any warranty the company offers 
  • Make sure you buy corrosion-proof steel door 

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