Tips To Organise A Successful Conference For A Startup 

If you are a startup or working for a startup that organises conferences, seminars and other networking events, you must know hard of a task it is to plan such events. Most of the times the intent of such events is to only rub shoulders with the industry leaders, but the efforts you put in and the amount should be worth more than that. Right? For startups, networking is the key, but to get the idea across the people who can potentially help you score big deals is equally significant. There are chances that one of such events that you organise or attend can open doors for profitable opportunities. All in all, it is pretty clear that the conference with the hotshots are a gold mine for the startups. Hence, we have made a list of some tips that will help you organise a conference that truly serves the purpose. 


Media Partnership: 

We aren’t going to give you some tips on how to organise a conference and get it done, because if you are reading this, we think you are already aware of the basic points. However, since this article is all about succeeding in the conference you are planning, here is the best tip for you. Look for media partnerships and that too as legit as possible. The key to having a successful conference and that too which causes enough buzz to get your brand or startup registered is having a noticeable media presence and relationship with the media outlets. In order to get the desired eyeballs, you need to partner with publications and TV channels that have an interaction with your intended audience. You can get in touch with conference organisers Sydney to walk you through the process of getting a hang of the media houses that will help. To give your startup a prestige, you can offer media sponsorship in different levels as well. Let’s say, there is a premium level, here you can allow the media partners to exhibit their news outlet in the conference and among the attendees as well. You can also allow exclusive speaker access or the distribution of the merchandise as well.  


Personal Video Invitations: 

The value of personalised messages for a startup can never be ignored or overlooked. If a personal invitation is being sent from your company’s director or conference host, we don’t see why people won’t be interested in attending. It is a great strategy to attract the who’s who and thought leaders of the industry you are targeting with the conference. You can create a list of the speakers and as per the importance required for every list, send a tailored invite to the connections to the event. The effectiveness of the personalised invitations is such that most of the times your entire A-list drops by the event, so you don’t have to utilise the back-up options. The script should be effective, as you can’t just expect to say anything and get your desired audience. Similarly, having people sign up for the conference can be easy, but making them show up for the big day can be a bit hard. You need to drive attendance and for that you must come up with ways that are interesting and attractive, so the attendees can remember them at least till the event. Other than this, we have a traditional way of garnering the audience for you as well. Just run Twitter and LinkedIn ads among the people who can benefit from your conference. The content and the graphics of the ads should be interesting, so those who see take an interest in finding out what the conference is all about. There, you got your pitch!  


Local Industry: 

A company does not necessarily have to be benefitting you in any way to attend the conference. What we mean here is that the local industry groups that are your audience must be invited. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t sponsoring or denied sponsorship at the first place. Once they get to know that you are giving a free chance to them to come not only see your startup’s work, but network around, they will be all in for the second edition of the same conference. 



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