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It is highly unlikely that you will live in the same house for all your life and there is always one reason or another for moving onto a new one. One of the main causes for people selling their home and shifting to a new one is because of a change in family size. You may be getting married and decide that your one-bedroom apartment does not fulfill your requirements or you may be having children which may render your house too small to accommodate all family members and you may decide to sell. A change in your finances may also result in you moving onto a better neighborhood and bigger house. When such an occasion rises, the first person you call upon is a real estate agent so that you can get your house listed and then move on to talks with potential buyers. It is safe to say that your house may have had its share of wear and tear over the years and you may want to spruce it up a bit before selling like a new coat of paint or give your curtains a good wash. However, you may already be emotionally stressed at the prospect of selling your house and moving away from familiar things that you may not have enough time or clarity to tackle the problem of the styling of your house. This is where real estate styling based in Sydney and house staging comes in which are services that you can obtain to get your house to look better so that it sells at a better price. If the real estate market is sluggish then that is all the more reason to get house staging so that you have a good amount of money to put into your next house. 

What is included in real estate styling? 

Before you call in the stylists, there are a few things that you need to do such as decluttering the house and packing away any personal items such as portraits and other trinkets. This will also assist you in the long run as you will have to eventually pack your belongings for moving out so why not get a head start. You should probably get rid of anything unappealing such as stained sofas or greasy items in the kitchen so that every room helps attract the buyers instead of scaring them away. You should also get yourself involved in a house cleaning as it will give a fresh vibe and a clean area for the real estate styling to work in. If you have a garden, then it is better for it to be mowed and adding a few colourful flowers will also help give the entrance a homey vibe. If you have already moved out of the house then the stylists will be able to do a full house staging in Gold Coast which includes adding furniture, artwork, and accessories so that potential buyers can visualize the house. Your real estate agent will help you get in touch with reliable and effective real estate styling services that will help you get closer to the figure that you want.  

Benefits of home staging 

With home staging, you will have professionals styling your home that will know how to make the most of all the areas. They will help maximise the space especially if it is a smaller house and make the space look more open instead of looking cluttered.  These people are experts in their field and have done this many times so they are also familiar with the buyers that will be interested in your property. They will select all the decor and furniture very expertly and you will be surprised how different your house will end up looking in the end. You can also convey to them what type of demographic you want to attract, and they will carry out the house staging according to that. They will make sure that the first impression is a lasting one and that buyers leave the house intrigued and interested in your property. You will not only attract more buyers as your house will stand out from similar properties but may also end up increasing your sale price as compared to what you would have gotten had you not thought of real estate styling. 

Posted on June 30, 2020 in Property Management

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