Procedures that are involved in mummy makeover Sydney

What strengthens the bond between two people even more than before? The most common and right answer is surely the children. People long for the time when they will have their own child in their hands. There is no denial about the special place that children hold in every body’s heart but it surely is a long and difficult process especially for the mother. A woman has to compromise with her lot of dally routine activities during her pregnancy phase. She cannot eat what she used to eat, she cannot workout like she used to and so many other such things become difficult to be carried out during pregnancy period. These compromises do not end with the delivery of the baby rather they have to be continued after pregnancy period as well. One of the most difficult situations that women have to cope with is to get the body shape which she used to have before pregnancy. Lot of women go in to depression due to their extreme body weight after delivering the baby. Plastic surgery is the best option to get rid of this difficulty. We will be discussing about the procedures that are involved in mummy makeover Sydney. 


Pregnancy surely is the exciting period for both parents and their respective families but this phase has to be dealt with lot of care and precautions. Motherhood specially is the best feeling in the world but a mother has to go through lot of tests. Her trial period does not end with the end of pregnancy rather there is the post pregnancy effects as well. One of the biggest problems for lots of women is that they are unable to lose the weight which they gained during pregnancy. We have seen lot of such women who have gone into depression after delivery a baby because of their extreme body weight. This body weight can be reduced through various ways like by regularly exercising, by following proper diet and so on but quite frankly these procedures are hard to be done soon after delivery and is time taking as well. Plastic surgery is the best way to reduce or decrease the excessive body fats which have taken place on your abdomen, thigh and other such areas during pregnancy period. 

Mummy makeover: 

Mummy makeover is the most recommended and best procedure out of all other above mentioned ways to reduce the body fats. It is a medical procedure and comes under the field of plastic surgery in which medical equipments are used t bring reformation or modification to the human body by using implants or other such medical procedures. Mummy makeover was specially invented for the women who are new mothers and are willing to remove excessive body fats off their body. There are various procedures which are involved in this process of mummy makeover. 

Procedures that are involved in mummy makeover Sydney: 

As we have already discussed that mummy makeover is the medical process in which the excessive fats from the body of new mother are removed. Abdomen and thigh are the regions where the most of the fats accumulated during the pregnancy period. So, the whole process of mummy makeover begins with the liposuction. It is the procedure in which the excessive fats are removed from the abdomen regions and thigh region of the woman. Then comes the procedure of breast lifting or implantsWe know that breasts become saggy post pregnancy so they are lifted back to their original position by carrying out the process of mummy makeover. The process of mummy makeover is not that painful because of the anaesthesia that is sued to numb the body parts but some patients have reported the tightness that they feel during the procedure but it quite and bearable cannot be counted as a pain. The patient can leave the hospital after three to four days of the operation or procedure.  


Mummy makeover is the process of removing excessive fats from the body of the new mother. It is the process which is carried out to regain the original body shape. Liposuction and breast tightening are two procedures which are involved in mummy makeover. “Panthea clinics” offer the best services of mummy makeover in Sydney. 

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