Plastic Packaging To Set Your Toys Apart! 

You see two objects on a shelf: one, in plain packaging, the kind that almost every other product seems to have. Opaque, so you can’t really see the product that is inside. The other object is packaged custom, you can see the product inside and the packaging seems perfect for whatever it is that it holds. Without a doubt, every single one of us will end up picking the product with custom packaging. Custom packaging just has a way of making the consumer feel as if the manufacturer put some extra thought and some extra love into the product, making it seem all the more special. The packaging is made just for the product that we are selling, which can automatically make the product stand out from the dozens of others that populate store shelves. However, custom packaging is done best in a material that most consumers would refuse to ever buy – plastic. The sturdiness and malleability of plastic as a material remains unparalleled, yet the havoc that plastic has wreaked upon the environment means that most of us would steer clear of it. However, an alternative exists. Here are three reasons why PET plastic can revolutionize the way that you sell your toy products, with no harm to environment.

  1. Before we get to just how attractive PET plastic can be and how well it can be molded to your needs, it is perhaps most important to put to rest any doubts you may have about the environmental impact of this material. Ever since plastic products – shopping bags, toys, sheets, etc – started washing up on beaches around the world along with dead sea life, and started filling permanently the landfills of the world, we have realized what a strong negative impact plastic can have on the environment. PET plastic, however, can easily be broken down and is easily recycled, without releasing any harmful gases. Therefore, using PET plastic to package your toys is a step towards environmental friendliness.
  2. When talking about custom packaging, more important than the colors is the unique shape of the packaging. This is even more important when it is toys that we are trying to sell. The target audience then, is children, whose attention we can only capture if we design a packaging shape different from all the rest. When packaging toys, we can afford to be a little fun and quirky with the way the toys are packaged with funky shapes. PET packaging can be shaped any way that we want it to be, as it is just as malleable as traditional plastic. Furthermore, PET plastic custom toy packaging is extremely strong and durable and can withstand being shipped and handled roughly very easily, without breakage.
  3. The range of colors and textures that PET plastic custom toy packaging is almost endless. The idea of custom packaging is to make your product stand out, and this custom packaging can be so eye catching that the customer doesn’t even bother looking at the other sad, normal looking products on the shelves. You can choose between various colors and textures, such as embossed, metallics, faux leather looks, and you can even opt for a refracted look, which will truly set your product apart as the look is very hard to replicate. The packaging will be so eye catching that upon first glance the children will be rushing to pick up your toys and will be dying to take them home. Furthermore, the clear plastic look will further draw the kids to your products as they will be able to see just what they are getting.

It’s a proven fact that packaging plays a huge role in how consumers see the products. With so many toys out there, packaging is the only way you can make sure that your product stands out to all the children eagerly rushing into toy shops all over Australia. Custom, quirky toy packaging can have your toys flying off of all the shelves, and the usage of PET plastic by HLP Klearfold means that you will never leave a carbon footprint on the Earth. In fact, HLP Klearfold’s vow to plant trees extensively can mean that in working with them, you end up contributing to a good cause as well!

Posted on December 12, 2018 in Business Services

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