Is laser hair removal actually useful? 

Laser hair removal is a procedure whereby a laser is used to remove hair that is not wanted. The laser targets the color pigment in the hair known as melanin. The laser is a beam of light which is then converted into heat and is used to target the hair follicles that produce the hair. These follicles are damaged due to this procedure and due to this future growth of the hair is delayed. This technique is effective for a long period of time and requires many sessions for results to be permanent in nature. This is also more effective for those people who have darker hair and lighter skin as then the laser can adequately target the melanin and remove the hair. The undesired hair may be located in any part of the body but the most common areas which are treated with laser are legs, chin, armpits and the bikini line.  

If you are interested in going forward with this in Australia, then a great option for permanent laser hair removal treatment Melbourne is Instant Laser Clinic. They have a highly professional team with almost 20 years of experience. They are an award winning clinic with all the latest technology. Certified doctors are available who will schedule a consultation beforehand to make you aware of all the details, potential risks and advantages of this treatment. The doctor will also take note of any previous procedures you may have had and your medical history including any skin conditions you may have. Before the treatment actually takes place there are some precautions that need to be taken to prepare yourself. This includes avoiding any other hair removal methods such as waxing and threading, staying out of the sun to avoid any sun sensitivity.  

Doctors prescribe a series of 2 to 6 permanent laser hair removal treatments in Melbourne clinics. It all depends on factors such as the area on which the laser is being performed and the thickness of hair in the area. The speed of hair growth is also taken into account, for example, if an area has slow hair growth then the treatments may be scheduled further apart. When the process begins, you are given goggles to wear to protect your eyes from the beam.  The doctor uses a handheld laser and presses it to your skin. The type of laser machine used determines whether a cooling device is used or a skin cooling gel is applied. A little discomfort is felt matching the sensation of a warm pin pricking your skin. Small area such as the upper lip takes a few minutes but larger areas such as the legs and back may take an hour. After it is completed you may feel some skin irritation and redness. To combat this, an ice pack is given and a skin soothing cream is also applied. 

Advantages of laser hair removal 

Laser hair removal greatly reduces hair growth. It is possible to get it done anywhere on the body and has very minimal side effects. With the exception of some irritation and redness there is no long lasting side effect. The treatment is not very painful and come in the category of pain that is bearable. As compared to waxing, it is much easier because there will be no ingrown hairs. This process is also based on precision which brings better results and decreases hair growth. It is very cost effective as it eliminates the need for expensive wax treatments which are more frequent as compared to laser treatment. 

Disadvantages of laser hair removal 

Laser hair removal is a long process and takes many sessions before proper results can be seen. It is expensive upfront and can be seen as an investment which pays off in the long run. It does not work well with people who have less contrast between their skin colour and the colour of their hair. If performed by a doctor who is not trained, then it can lead to burns on your skin so it important to check if your doctor is certified. 

Therefore, if you are tired of going through the painful process of waxing and threading then, Instant Laser Clinic is a great place for permanent laser hair removal Melbourne. the treatment may be expensive but cost effective in the long run. Permanent hair removal may also be achieved after a number of sessions. 

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