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Learning and getting a skill is no easy task. It can take years upon years and even then we can still not have all the knowledge that we need to have in order to be considered skilled in a certain field. There can be two aspects to learning any skill, and they can be divided into the theoretical bit and the practical bit. We need to learn the theoretical basis of the skill, but that alone isn’t enough for us to be considered skilled in a certain field. We need to hone our theoretical skill by applying it to the real world and practicing it, so we know just how things work. Both of these factors can take many, many years and even then our knowledge can sometimes be incomplete. After all, it is true when they say that there is never a time when we can stop learning, and then there can never be a time when we have learned everything that there is to learn. When speaking from a job based perspective, this can mean that the more that we gain experience in our chosen field, the further we can advance.

One of the fields where we can always be learning and where we can thus always progress further is the building and construction field. There are just so many divisions in this particular field that the skills that we learn in one area can easily be applied to other areas as well. Apart from there being so many different skill sets that we can pick up in the building and construction field, there can also be many, many areas of progression. Because the field is so vast, there can always be newer things that we can learn and newer places we can progress to. There can be areas which require less experience and more theoretical learning, and areas of the job which require more experience picked up on the job. All in all, the field can be great for those of looking for great progression, and those of us looking to pick up on a lot of various skills.

Some of us, however, can have sufficient experience but not enough formal qualifications for us to get the job that we want. This can be very unfortunate as it can mean that our skills, no matter how great they are and no matter how much time we have spent getting them, are completely ignored. While being unfortunate, it is also something very likely to happen in today’s world as employers now usually seek employees with formal qualifications. While it can seem unfair, it really isn’t when seen from the employer’s point of view as a formal qualification can mean that the employee really is skilled in their job. However it can mean that some of us can get excluded and it can be that all the time that we spent getting experience has gone to waste. In addition, we can also have to spend further time and money relearning things that we are already well versed in. However, certificate IV in building and construction can solve our issues.

A certificate IV in building and construction can be the one thing which can help us transform all our prior learning, which may often be informal, into an advanced building and construction certificate. In just a few short weeks we can get a certificate for all the experience that we have picked up, thus making sure that we are never left out from getting the job that we deserve. Furthermore, this can also allow those of us who are migrants to convert our overseas degrees into those which are recognised in Australia.

Recognised prior learning or RPL can be what everyone needs at this moment. It is a great way to formalise the skills that we pick up on the job, and it can also allow us to complete the remainder of our studies as fast as we can. With recognised prior learning, we can get our experience in building and construction legitimatised and we can be ready to avail all of the job opportunities that come our way!

Posted on December 19, 2018 in Business Services

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