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Today’s world is a very competitive one, where companies constantly strive to find ways to top each other and gain the extra edge over their competitors. Although many people come up with unique and patented ideas, other companies constantly try to find loopholes to copy original ideas and end up making very similar products. This is where the competition strikes, and companies need to find effective ways to gain new customers while retaining their old ones. There are many ways to do that from advertising through different medias or making explain videos or even hiring animation companies in Melbourne to come up with attractive themes. In other words, companies will spend a major portion of their budget to gain even a small percent of the market share so that they can increase their customers and thus, increase their sales. Marketing is a tool used by every company in order to engage their customers which includes not just giving people all the relevant information about your product but also to create fresh content to make them aware about the things that they didn’t know. One of the many way’s companies keep their reputation intact is by marketing positive content on social media where people are able to share it with other and help increase the number of people that you are going to reach.  You are also able to build trust with your customers with things such as explainer videos where you are able to explain your point of view to the customers and they will be able to understand you better. You increase the customers’ confidence in your company that you will deliver what you say and thereby be able to keep your customers loyal and willing to take a chance on your new innovations as well. 

Marketing mechanisms such as video marketing where the brand makes videos to increase sales, build rapport with clients or even offer tips on how to use the product; all these help the company managers to make informed decisions about how to proceed on the basis of change in sales after a video has been released. Video marketing techniques such as explain videos are used to tell the brands story in a way that is memorable and will keep the customers attracted to the content. These are short yet compelling videos that use simple graphics and language to explain how to use different things or convey a message about the company to the general public. This is usually where animation companies are hired as animation harnesses both the visual and hearing senses which help increase the retention of the customers and also deliver information in an efficient manner. To start building your strategy for this type of marketing, you will need to allocate resources first which means you have to decide the amount of money going to be spent on equipment, software or animation companies to help take the load off of you completely. One of the benefits of hiring animation companies is that not only do you save money that would otherwise be spent on hiring freelancers that may or may not have known what they are doing but you also have to manage the project yourself. By hiring a third party you can free up a lot of your own time as you don’t have to search for illustrators, animators or editors. You need to think of the type of story that you want to tell that has to be compelling enough to engage the audience and make them curious about the product so that their internet is piqued enough for them to buy the product. Lastly, you should publicize your video as much as you can from social media, to your website to other video hosting channels so that you gain a lot of views. 

Video marketing helps companies connect with their clients and increase their trust in you as they get a glimpse behind the curtains to get a peek at who you really are. Videos help increase the traffic to your website as the link will constantly be shared with the video, and the more the people visit your site, the more likely they are to buy your product. They are able to retain the information they hear and help you gain an edge over your competition. 

Posted on November 28, 2019 in Photo & Video

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