When you are planning your wedding, you do not wish to spare any details and get yourself an incomplete event. You make sure that all the things that you plan for your wedding are perfect and there is no detail spared that will make you regret your choice later. Wedding is special day in which everyone wants to feel the best and the bride and the groom cherish this day forever. Do you know when do you start to leave a lasting impact on your guests about your wedding? It is from the day you give the wedding invitation to your guests. In order to design elegant wedding invitations, you need to hire an agent that not only understands your needs but also understand that this day is a statement for your wedding and therefore understands and decides the theme of the cards accordingly. Elegant wedding invitations are as important as an elegant wedding day therefore it is necessary for the guests to not only get the idea but also remember your wedding through elegant wedding invitations. 

In addition to wedding invitations that make a statement, Stone and Sparrow Australia is here at your service for best acrylic wishing well boxAcrylic wishing well box not only helps you give a presentable gift to your audience, but also helps you in determining and setting the bards for a good gift. Stone and Sparrow Australia houses a team of professional designers whoa are trained in the field of wedding gifts and invitations designing and therefore the team is highly aware about the different criteria and theme that are trending now a days. Stone and Sparrow Australia is here to spare no details and make your wedding day memorable. 


When you are planning your wedding, the number one thing that will help you make a statement are the wedding stationery. Wedding stationery at Stone and Sparrow Australia are remarkable and we make sure that every piece we present to our customers make a statement. Make sure that when you are planning to get your wedding stationery, you make a list so that you and your partner can keep a track of the budget and make sure that you stick to the plan. In order to help you keep a track, Stone and Sparrow Australia had enlisted some important stationery items by the help of our esteemed team so that you know what you want and where to get it. This will ensure that you are on track and you do not go over the budget while shopping of your wedding stationery. 

Once you and your partner have decided the list of wedding stationery you want to get, Stone and Sparrow Australia suggests you to go through the budget again and find the best inspirations so that you stay loyal to the theme of the wedding. The theme of the wedding will only be highlighted if the things that you have are in line with the theme and they compliment each other. Do not let the moment of shopping overwhelm you and take you away from the actual theme of the wedding. Nothing speaks failure louder than a stationery that does not compliment the wedding theme. Make sure that the wedding theme is kept minimal and everything is enough to stand alone and make a good impression. Stone and Sparrow Australia presents the following list of items to be kept in close proximity to make sure that you and your partner are on track when you go for wedding stationery shopping. 

  1. Party Invitation: This is the first piece of stationery that you give out to your guests and if this is not in line with the theme of the wedding, then there is no point of getting a theme for your wedding in the first place. 
  2. Bridal Shower Invitations: The bridal showers are an important part of weddings now a days therefore, it is very important that you spend good time in deciding the theme of the bridal shower and the card. 

As mentioned earlier, Stone and Sparrow Australia is here at your service. Contact us today! 

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