4 Hints For Great Window Tints for Your Car This Summer! 

As we all know driving around with the sun blazing down, pouring through the car windows and dousing you and everything else in the car with a load of hot UV rays is pretty much an everyday occurrence for drivers here in Brisbane. There is only so much shady parking we can find, and only a limited number of notches which we can turn the air conditioner higher. Doing the latter also puts a strain on the cars radiator, fuel consumption and in turn… your wallet. A good defensive line to the blazing sun this summer are tinted windows and screens. They add a layer of defence which can greatly benefit all those who have to spend an extended period of time driving to and fro, all the while taking a beating from the sun. Instant Tinting and Screens claims to has a solution to your problems, they have a range of 4 legal car window tints which will greatly aid you in your war against the sun and its UV rays.
Here they are listed below: 

  • Premium 35 is a product of Instants which ensure that you are receiving maximum benefit from the product in terms of protection from the sun and UV exposure. All the while they claim that it is the darkest legal tint which you can apply in Australia, hence the name ‘Premium 35’ as it reduces visible light transmitted by 35%.
  • Premium EMS is another from the premium series which involves an electromagnetic coating in the tint, mainly designed to block out any sort of radio waves which may interfere with the cars antenna system. This was mainly designed for cars with built-in antennas.
  • Matrix is another in instants line for car window tinting Brisbane. It is a general tint that is meant to do exactly what a tint does anyway. It claims to reduce heat and sun by 50-60% and UV rays by 99%. Moreover, the products aid in the driving experiences by reducing glare by up to 64% all the while giving you’re a scratch resistant surface, great for families with children who have a habit of touching just about everything. The surface ensures that no damage or scratches will come on to the surface of the glass with the tinted film on the inside of it.
  • Pure Steel window film is one which does all the functions of a regular tint, yet with the added benefit of providing a support to the glass from the inside with its strong steel support system. The product was designed to ensure that the glass remains intact and keeping the passengers safe in the case of breakage during an accident or vandals/ thieves trying to enter the car forcefully. Therefore, according to them, you need not worry about any sort of glass breakage, as their technology firmly holds the glass together in cases of potential shatter.
  • The Clear UV product by Instant, is great for car window tinting in Brisbane. If you are someone who is worried about the UV rays entering your car and damaging your health and cars interior. If you are not looking for the shading provided and reduction in VLT (visible light transmitted), yet want to ensure your protection from the UV rays. Consider the clear tint as it does just that. It gives you the protection needed as well as the clearness of a normal window, with little to no VLT reduction. 

Therefore, head on over the Instant Windscreens and Tints website to pick up a tint for yourself today. They will greatly benefit your car and driving experience as it will reduce the sun damage to your interior as well as ease the burden of the AC and therefore lessen the strain on the engine. Other than that the reduction of AC usage will give you better fuel efficiency in your car, thus making the tints in a way… fuel efficient. Who would have thought?!

Posted on July 3, 2018 in Auto Services

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