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WHY CHOOSE STONE AND SPARROW?  When you are planning your wedding, you do not wish to spare any details and get yourself an incomplete event. You make sure that all the things that you plan for your wedding are perfect and there is no detail spared that will make you regret your choice later. Wedding is special…

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Amazing things to know about different eyelid treatments

There may be countless things which one should know about different eye related problems and associated solutions. So often, people complain about blurry vision, excessive growth of eyelid, itching in eyes etc. Till now, doctors have now been reached to a conclusion and they own a view that these issues are usually caused by genetic…

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Pets are friends to human, so you be friend with them!

Pets are considered as a companion of human. In leisure hours pet entertain them. They uplift their mood. Pets are good to give company in loneliness. Some pets are popular among people. Due to intelligence, appearance and loyalty of some pets, people buy them. Pets also people in home chores. A dog is a popular pet among people. Dogs are loyal and provide company to its master in leisure hours.   Pets reduce anxiety:  Most…

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